Theory of Change

Learn about our Theory of Change to end child marriage: its four pillars, how to use it, how to measure progress, examples of successful approaches, and how we created it

Télécharger la Théorie du Changement


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Produits de Filles Pas Epouses

A three-step guide to developing a collective Theory of Change

This step-by-step guide will provide you with clear steps for how to develop a simple, accessible Theory of Change.

Produits de Filles Pas Epouses

Guide d’utilisation de la Théorie du Changement

Ce guide d'utilisation présente quelques façons d'utiliser la Théorie du Changement sur le mariage des enfants et offre des exemples de membres de Filles, Pas Epouses.

Produits de Filles Pas Epouses

Useful resources on social norms and child marriage

A resource with a number of new global initiatives aim to better understand and overcome harmful social and gender norms.


Applying theory to practice: CARE's journey piloting social norms measures for gender programming

This report takes a look at how a deeper understanding of social norms can lead to more effective strategies to transform entrenched gender norms and behaviours.