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Retrouvez ici les rapports, les articles et les fiches d’information sur le mariage des enfants, ses causes et ses conséquences, ainsi que des ressources sur les approches l’abordant de manière efficace. Veuillez utiliser les filtres ci-dessous pour trouver des ressources en français.

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Born to be married: addressing early and forced marriage in Nyal, South Sudan

This report sheds light on the alarming rates of child marriage in Nyal, South Sudan.

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Partnering for success: a step-by-step guide to addressing your most common partnership challenges

A step-by-step guide to addressing your most common partnership challenges.

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Recognising and preventing early unions in Latin America

This webinar explores early unions in Latin America.

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Age of Marriage vs. Age of Sexual Consent Brief

This brief was developed by the Girls Not Brides secretariat, and does not necessarily reflect the views of every member of the Girls Not Brides Partnership.


Tanzania Economic Update: THE POWER OF INVESTING IN GIRLS: Educating Girls and Ending Child Marriage in Tanzania

This report has a special focus on the economic impact of child marriage and low educational attainment among adolescent girls in Tanzania.

Articles de recherche

Students and brides: a qualitative analysis of the relationship between girls’ education and early marriage in Ethiopia and India

This paper explores how participants to youth empowerment and sexual and reproductive health programmes perceived its impact in delaying marriage.


Prospects for Ending Child Marriage in Africa: Implications on Legislation, Policy, Culture & Interventions

This brief provides broad recommendations for effective laws, policies and programmes to reduce child marriage in ten countries in Africa.

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Revealing the truth of marriage dispensation: an analysis of child marriage practice in Tuban, Bogor and Mamuju Districts

This research explores marriage dispensation mechanisms in three districts in Indonesia.

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Measuring Social Norms Related to Child Marriage Among Adult Decision-Makers of Young Girls in Phalombe and Thyolo, Malawi

This article explore the links between social norms and child marriage in Phalombe and Thyolo, Malawi.

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Child Marriages and Unions in Latin America: Understanding the Roles of Agency and Social Norms

This paper looks at the influence of social norms and girls' agency on child marrige in Latin America.